Creve Coeur, MO News Round Up 7-2016

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Top headlines provided by GMT Auto Sales, a used cars Missouri dealership

A used cars Missouri dealership reviews the latest headlines around Creve Coeur, MO and the nation.

  • Which city in St. Louis County is extending its smoking ban?
  • How Missouri is reclassifying identity theft?
  • Which Chevrolet recently earned good safety grades?

Smoke Ban is Extended in Creve Coeur MO

Smoking at outdoor restaurants is now banned in Creve Coeur. Improvements and an extended smoking ban are in effect in Creve Coeur, Missouri. The City Council extended a public smoking ban. It is now illegal to smoke at any outdoor restaurants, patios and other exterior dining areas.

Emergency Operation’s Center Proposed in Creve Coeur, MO

The Citizen’s Needs Analysis Task Force recommends that Creve Coeur City Council currently consider a bond issue in the November 2016 ballot to fund a new police station.

The Creve Coeur law enforcement facility would also double as an emergency operations center (EOC).

According to Chief of Police Glenn Eidman, “An EOC is a central location, from which public safety and support agencies coordinate emergency response and recovery…a critical component to managing public safety and security during a major incident.”

Sources at the Creve Coeur city council report that the city needs a seismically-braced complex to accommodate operations in the event of a natural disaster.

Hail Storms Accrue Billions in Losses

Vehicle damage claims, caused by hail storms account for (more…)

5 Summer Traditions to Schedule Around Florissant, MO

FlagSome sites in Florissant MO stem a summer tradition.

“Patronize these historical sites and annual events to keep these traditions alive in Florissant MO,” says one employee of a used cars Florissant dealer, GMT Auto Sales.

May – September 2016
Every year, golfers (more…)

8-Ways to Avert Being a CarJacking or Auto Theft Victim

“We’ve learned over the last 10 years in Saint Louis County that crime happens anywhere. Residents should always be cautious of crime, regardless of your zip code,” asserts a consultant who sells used cars in Florissant. Carjackings and auto theft are 50 percent preventable with the following tactics:


Read these tips to prevent a car jacking or auto theft, used cars in Florissant

1) Skirt the short-cuts.
Avoid driving through unfamiliar neighborhoods.

2) Opt for parking visibility.
Park on well-lit streets and parking lots, in close proximity to a security camera or closed circuit television (CCTV).

3) Lock it.
It only takes seconds to commandeer an unlocked automobile. Always lock car doors, even when driving.

4) Be aware of surroundings.
Auto burglars and carjackers generally prey on (more…)

Coping with a Road Trip Emergency

GMT Auto Sales Saint Louis

“Be prepared to manage a road trip setback,: says GMT Auto Sales St. Louis

Road trips can oftentimes take unwanted detours.

  • Do you know how to steer a vehicle in the throes of a blow-out?
  • What would you do if your car broke down on Interstate 55, on the outskirts of Chicago?
  • If someone rear-ends your automobile, what actions should you take?

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis prescribes tactics for safely managing an unforeseen road trip setback.

Safety rules when it comes to being stranded on any frequently traveled interstate.

Facing a Roadside Vehicle Failure

During a blowout, it becomes almost impossible to steer straight. To safely get out of harms way, try to steer the car onto the shoulder of the road.

If possible try to make your way to the (more…)

5-Top Spots to Watch the St. Louis Cardinals

Saint Louis Cardinals

Take yourself to the St. Louis Cardinals ball game.








Twenty-sixteen could be the year the St. Louis Cardinals make it to the World Series. It’s not just baseball season in St. Louis. But, it’s the Saint Louis Cardinals season. For the next six months, fans around St. Louis have a slew of alternative resources to watch the games.

While Busch Stadium is the most obvious place to watch the Saint Louis Cardinals home game, it’s numerically impossible for millions of fans to fit into the 46,000 seat ball park.

Missouri used car dealer, GMT Auto Sales reviews a few alternative venues and virtual sources to monitor the Saint Louis Cardinals this season.

What is the address to the Saint Louis Cardinals’ Busch




























Busch Stadium | 700 Clark Street | St. Louis, MO 63102


9-Auto Terms to Know When Buying a New or Used Car

Nine Acronyms to Know If You’re Buying a New or Used Car

used cars Missouri DOHC

Many used cars in Missouri cruise with powerful equipment, (i,e: a DOHC)..

What is RPM? What is the relevance of a DOHC engine? Are vehicles with ABS better than other cars.

Buying a car involves an ability to decipher eight common acronyms. “Here are the most common acronyms, used o describe and used cars for sale.

Estimated miles per gallon. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that auto sales sticker feature the city, highway and combine fuel economy on any new vehicle.

Lane departure warning systems signal whether another vehicle is too close to switch lanes.

Electronic stability control (ESC), systems detect when tires are off-kilter, stabilizing the navigation.

DOHC is the acronym for double overhead camshaft. The part of the engine which (more…)

Hot Topics Around St. Louis County, Feb – March 2016

GMT Auto Sales reviews the latest news in St. Louis County

GMT Auto Sales reviews the latest news in St. Louis County

GMT Auto Sales, an auto dealer serving Hazelwood, Florissant and other communities highlights the hot topics of the month.


Following a major disaster like an earthquake, tornado or terrorism attack, local first responders, who provide fire and medical services, may not be able to meet the demand for these services.

In the event of a tornado, terrorism attack, earthquake, or whatever, the Hazelwood Fire Department would not have the manpower to manage the crisis without additional support.

Deputy Fire Marshal Dale Harbison will be training Hazelwood residents to become a C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) member to be prepared to cope with road closures, blockages and a host communication failures. Volunteers certified in the CERT program would help Hazelwood residents prepare, respond and cope through a natural disaster or community emergency.

Certification of the CERT program involves a (more…)

Facts on the Most Reliable Used Crossovers Past + Present

used cars Missouri

The most reliable used crossovers are on sale at used cars Missouri.

GMT Auto Sales, used cars Missouri provides 10-facts about the most reliable used crossovers.

What is a crossover?

  • A crossover, also known as a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), is a vehicle built on a car platform combining, certain features of a sports utility vehicle. The dawn of the crossover was created out of inspiration to minivans and sports utility vehicles (SUV).
  • Crossovers fall under three general sizes: compact, mid-sized and large. The Porsche Cayenne represents the compact class of CUVs. Mid-sized crossovers like the Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano reign at among the top five most reliable crossovers.

In large styled CUVs, the Toyota Sequoia, Ford Flex, and Chevrolet Traverse uphold popularity among new and used car buyers.

What Are the Most Reliable Used Crossovers?

The most reliable used crossovers number a (more…)

Playing in Traffic – Missouri Motor Vehicle Laws

Do Missouri motorist laws permit texting and driving? When are drivers required to report a car crash in Missouri? What is the legality of a Missouri motor vehicle license revocation? GMT Auto Sales, premier used cars Missouri dealership reviews Missouri driving laws.

used cars Missouri

“Are you aware of Missouri driving laws?” asks a sales consultant of a local used cars Missouri dealershi

Motor vehicle statistics Auto accidents account for the greatest cause of death for children, aged one to 13 years old in the United States.

The state of Missouri observes a few distinctive motor vehicle laws.

Missouri Motor Vehicles: Certain Ages Can’t Text + Drive
When it’s acceptable to text and drive?
It is permissible for any motorist over the age of 21 to text and drive, in Missouri. However, younger drivers (16 to 20 years old) can only talk on a cell phone and drive but not text and drive.

Mandatory Car Crash Reporting in Missouri
When is reporting an accident mandatory in Missouri? Motor vehicle laws in MO require motorists to report a car crash under two-different conditions:

Missouri motorists should always report an auto accident within 365-days, where an unlicensed driver was involved in the car crash; and, when property damage or personal injury medical costs exceed $500.

When Driver’s Licenses Call for Retesting or Revocation

In Missouri, motor vehicle license revocations accompany (more…)

5 Car Buying Considerations of a Savvy Consumer

Money wise consumers know that when it comes to buying a vehicle, used cars generally afford the greatest value. However, five considerations drive the cost of owning an automobile.

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis Reveals How to Calculate a Used Cars’ Value

GMT Auto Sales St Louis provides car shoppers with five vital calculations to determine prior to buying a vehicle.How to gauge car buying costs?

The monthly car note is not the only calculation to measure when buying a car.
Cost estimates by AAA indicate that from fuel economy, auto insurance, and annual maintenance all influence the vehicle ownership budget. Prior to selecting an automobile, check the average auto insurance premiums to determine affordability of insurance coverage.

Review the average fuel economy published by FuelEconomy to gauge your budget. The information is available on the U.S. federally funded website, identifying the estimated annual fuel cost of car produced since 2010.)

Which car to buy?
A savvy auto consumer bases their car buying decision on three factors: (more…)