Used Cars Missouri Dealer: 7 Tips for Safe Labor Day Travel

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Most of the vehicles on salt at hte used cars MIssouri dealership, arive with all the safety feautres for a smooth ride. (Image courtesy of

Labor Day travel warrants a few driving alerts to remain safe and ticket free. The American Automotive Association (AAA) forecasts that some 34 -plus motorists  will travel more than 50 miles, this Labor Day. Used cars Missouri dealership, GMT Auto Sales recommends five important safe driving  tips

“Every year in an effort to curtail fatalities over the Labor Day weekend, the Missouri State Highway Patrol administers random traffic stops. DUIs accompany stiff penalties in Missouri,” advises a consumer representative at the beloved auto dealer St. Louis.

Buckle up.
Since the state of Missouri instituted seat belts laws, two years ago, the “Show-Me-state”
has seen a remarkable drop in vehicle fatalities.

Follow road construction signs.
Narrower roads, uneven surfaces and impeded visibility make for hazardous driving conditions. During the night, when road construction sites are closed, it is still important to maintain the designated speed limit.
Celebrate responsibly.

In Missouri, the legal alcohol level is .08. For (more…)

Some Luxury Used Cars Can Forego Premium Fuel

Florissant MO Used Cars: High Octane Gas Oftentimes Optional

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This luxury used car for sale at GMT Auto West, a 2014 Lincoln MKS drives on high octane fuel.

Many luxury used car buyers are unaware that premium fuel is not always a requirement. “A handful of manufacturers are producing luxury vehicles with optional high octane specifications. This month, we have many of these luxury used cars for sale at GMT Auto Sales” announces a representative of the Florissant MO used cars dealership.

Like take the 2014 LINCOLN MKS. This luxury car for sale at GMT Auto Sales has had only one previous owner and does not need a 92 or 93 octane fuel. The manufacturer reports that this 2014 Lincoln vehicle attains 19 city and 28 highway MPG. However, this beaut boasts more than an ability to opt for a lower fuel premium. Bluetooth. audio controls embedded in the steering wheel with a transmission controls on steering wheel – as well as a video monitor in the front are the features, exceeding the expectations of the average auto consumer.

Florissant MO used cars luxury Buick

At GMT Auto Sales, this previously owned 2014 Buick La Crosse does not call for premium fuel.

Buick has been manufacturing luxury class vehicles that do not call for premium fuel. Whether it’s for the daily commute to work, an extended road trip or tooling around Florissant, MO, this 2014 LaCrosse Buick toots numerous redeeming features. A  2014 Buick LaCrosse Buick arrives fully stocked with a 3.6 V6 engine, a reported 28 MPG Hwy and the option to use a high octane fuelat Florissant MO used cars, a test drive of this .  

Another viable luxury used car for sale (without the persnickety fuel requirement is a Buick Regal. Compare used car prices on these Buick.

While supplies last: As the aforementioned preowned vehicles are equipped with  video monitors, bluetooth and an extensive list of driver friendly features, bargain seekers should not expect the luxury used cars for  sale to be available for long

Florissant Used Car Dealer Special: Used 2014 Ford Mustang

Cool Prices + Easy Financing on Used Ford Mustangs

Used ford Mustang

Used Ford Mustangs on sale at GMT Auto Sales, Florissant Used Car Dealer.

A gently used, 2014 Ford Mustang V6 is what the American dream is all about. This racer red vehicle brings out the NASCAR driver in most motorists. Both velocity junkies and frugal fuel pinchers find comfort in the preowned RWD coupe. After all, 305 horsepower harnessed in a 3.7 L V6 engine,  and impressive gas mileage afford downright respectable driving.

“However, speed and fuel economy are not the only reasons this previously owned Ford Mustang commands a test drive.  Loaded with must-have features, this used Ford Mustang also comes with hassle free financing,” asserts a sales consultant of the Florissant used car dealer.

Virtually new. Low mileage, one previous owner are not the only reasons that a buyer will appreciate this vehicle’s gently used qualities.

Fuel economy. On road trips or the highway in particular, this used Ford Mustang with an automatic transmission, attains 31 miles per gallon via a V-6 engine.

Previous owner(s). Based on the car vehicle report, (more…)

NASCAR Facts in Numbers by Florissant Used Car Dealership


Photo Courtesy NASCAR

What do you know about NASCAR? Florissant used car dealership, GMT Auto Sales presents facts  by numbers on the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR).

NASCAR was born in 1947, evolving into a beloved spectator sport and  premier motor sports organization.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is in its seventh decade of existence.

NASCAR endorses more than 1,200 races every year.

At present date, there are two mobile apps for NASCAR fans to stay apprised of the action on and off the track.

One-hundred and twenty (more…)

Consumer Information: How to Test Drive a Used Car

Used Car Missouri Dealership Highlights Road Test Tactics

Although vehicle reports represent a facet of auto research, five parts of a test drive reveal whether a used car buy is a good choice or not,” discloses the general manager of GMT Auto Sales.

used cars Missouri

This used 2012 Cadillac CTS delivers a smooth ride, luxury and fuel efficiency at used cars Missouri dealer, for an affordable price.

Test out the brakes by applying pressure on the brake pedal. Make note of how much pressure is needed before the brakes stop movement. Are the brakes making a noise? When braking, make sure the vehicle does not feel like it’s being pulled in one direction, an indication of an alignment problem. Remember that anti-locking brake systems (ABS) do not require you to pump the brakes.

Visually-stirred auto buyers are often side tracked by the a car’s rims versus the tires.

Currently, vehicle reports do not document the condition of a previously owned automobile’s tires. Before or after the road test, inspect the used car’s tires. Look for wear and tear on the treads.

Three steps on how to test drive a used car

Behind the wheel, make note of three focal points: performance, blind-spots and comfort.

Start with adjusting the seat for visibility out of the rearview mirrors (left, right and center). Assess whether there are any areas that may be a blind-spot, when switching lanes.

Next, evaluate the automobile’s performance. How does the vehicle handle when accelerating, switching lanes, turning corners, backing into a spot and other typical vehicle maneuvers.

Once the road test is over, think about the overall feel of the vehicle.

What is a power train?
Based on Wikipedia’s definition, a power train refers to the primary parts, which produced power, delivering it to the road. These components encompass the transmission,engine, differentials, drive shafts, and the final drive.

“Whether you’re shopping for a used 2012 Cadillac CTS, a luxury preowned vehicle or any other quality automobile, GMT Auto Sales, used cars Missouri happens to be the preferred dealership in the ‘show me’ state,” declares a spokesperson of the used cars Missouri dealership.


Stop by 225 N. Highway 67,  Florissant, MO 63031 or dial 314-266-6638 to schedule a test drive at the preferred used cars Missouri dealer.