Why the Used Dodge Challenger Muscles Power + Style?

Used Car Dealer Florissant Showcases its Supply

Used car Dealer Florissant-used Dodge cars for sale

GMT Auto Sales, used car dealer Florissant has an impressive inventory of used Dodge cars for sale, like this 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T.

“Even though we have plenty of like new, used Dodge Challengers, we don’t expect the supply to last long. These vehicles are reminiscent of the original drag racing car. Designed as a redux of the 60s and 70s Dodge Charger, few vehicles muscle the road like these used Dodge Challengers. When you road test it, make note of how it grips the road with remarkable acceleration,” divulges general manager of the used car dealer Florissant, GMT Auto Sales.

Although the used car dealer in Florissant showcases an impressive inventory of previously owned vehicles, this month many of the vehicle specials  happen to be used Dodge cars for sale. But  for power and  a distinctive coupe body style,  the Dodge Challenger is stealing showroom spotlight.

What to know about the Dodge Challenger?

used Dodge cars for sale

This used Dodge for sale is available for a road test at used car dealer Florissant.

Few muscle cars seat the passenger space, as seen in these used Dodge Challengers.

At the used car dealer Florissant  GMT Auto Sales, a few of the used Dodge Challengers crank out 305 to 372 horsepower, depending on the trim level.

The auto manufacturer fine-tuned the Dodge Challenger’s brakes, steering, and suspension shortly in 2011.

used Dodge Challenger

Fuel economy is one feature to love on this 2012 Dodge Challenger.

And improving on the Dodge Challenger’s performance,  the vehicle manufacturer designed the 2011 – 2014 to be more fuel efficient, coasting on the highway at 27 miles to the gallon.

The used Dodge Challengers as seen at used car dealer Florissant tout too many features to define in one blog post. Test drive the adventure for yourself.

Florissant Used Car Dealer Offers A Wide Range Of Jeep Models

Used Car Dealership FlorissantEveryone has their own preference of vehicle. Some like huge trucks or small coupes, but for the drivers who like to have the option of going out on the open road – Jeep models are the way to go.

The good thing about the Jeep brand is there are so many different models to choose from. Families may love the luxury of a Grand Cherokee. Those that like to visit the mountains may prefer a Jeep Wrangler. No matter what your style of open-road driving, we have a Jeep for you.

Buying a new Jeep can be expensive, but don’t worry, stop by a Florissant used car dealer like ours to find a ton of models in stock!

What Jeep Is Right For You?

Depending on your budget, our Florissant used car dealership can lead you in the right direction. Grand Cherokee models are the most expensive SUV that this brand has to offer, and it’s for pretty good reasons. Depending on the model, the Grand Cherokee is loaded with modern technologies and amenities like 8-way power seats and power heated windows. Of course, all Jeep models come with four-wheel drive.

Used Jeep Dealer FlorissantGenerally speaking, the Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited models are for the rough and tough. Although they do have excellent interiors, children may prefer the comfort of a Grand Cherokee, Patriot or Compass.

Wrangler models are built to get dirty. Sure, they can take a rest in your driveway, but what they really crave is off-road trails. One of the coolest features about this model is you can wash the entire interior. That alone gives you an indication of what the Wrangler is prepared to do.

Any model built in or after 2007 may be equipped with Freedom Drive I or II (FDI and FDII). These all-wheel drive systems are electronically controlled with a locking mode to set the front/rear torque split for especially slippery conditions.

If the used Jeep model you find at our Florissant used car dealer lot has FFDII equipped, you get even more capability! The FDII system adds hill descent control system, traction control, and electronic stability program.

Head inside to see what type of Jeep is right for you! We can take you on as many test drives as you need until you feel comfortable and confident in your choice. Florissant customers are welcome to call our booming used car dealership to schedule a test drive at 314-720-8783, today!

Florissant Used Car Dealer Inventory

Florissant Drivers Save In Many Ways At Premier Used Car Dealer

Florissant Used Car DealerThe process of buying a used car, truck of SUV can be confusing. Which Florissant used car dealer do you visit, and what kind of car do you buy? One of the best ways to purchase a vehicle is to go with the “slightly used” selection. These models have very low mileage, can be of the same model year, and will save you thousands of dollars compared to a new car purchase.

Getting ready to buy a new vehicle is exciting. Whether the car is used or not, it is still new to you. Our used car dealership has over 600+ models in Florissant for you to choose from. Depending on your budget, a great alternative to buying a new vehicle is purchasing a slightly used one. Call us to schedule an appointment by calling 314-720-8796.

Why Slightly Used?

The money that we spend on buying a vehicle is a lot. In fact, it is probably the largest purchase outside of a home that you’ll ever make. The vehicle buying process, however, spans farther than the purchase of the vehicle.

Used Car Dealer FlorissantThe lower price tag associated with purchasing a pre-owned vehicle also mean less depreciation. So, while a new model loses a very large percentage the second you drive it off a lot, the same does not hold true for pre-owned vehicles.

Sales tax is another benefit. Many states have a lower state sales tax on used cars, this means less money you will have to pay!

Dealer fees are practically non existent on pre-owned models, and registration fees decrease as well. Most states base the annual registration fee on the car’s current value and model year.

The model you are buying comes “as is.” A dealer can’t coerce you into adding on any extras, so you don’t end up accidentally paying more than what you bargained for.

Lastly, even if you buy a vehicle of the same model year, because it is “used” it costs thousands of dollars less. Really, unless you have something against someone else driving your car first, there is no reason not to buy a pre-owned model!

If you still aren’t convinced, call this Florissant used car dealer to get more information on the benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle. We will be happy to answer you questions, and you’re sure to find a model you will love on our huge lot! Please contact us by calling 314-720-8796 today.

Florissant Used Car Dealer Inventory

Latest Automotive News: Calamitous Vehicle Maneuvers

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis Motor Vehicle Report 

With April being “Distracted Driving Month,” GMT Auto Sales St Louis highlights the latest automotive news in Missouri and around the country.

Viral Lamborghini Video

Viral Lamborghini crash courtesy of Shmee Isu, What a way to destroy  $500,000 Lamborghini!

Viral Lamborghini crash courtesy of Shmee Isu, (What a way to destroy $500,000 Lamborghini!)

On April 1, 2014, the  YouTube video, involving a $500,000 Lamborghini, careening into an SUV and then a BMW went viral. commanding some 4.7 million views. Although the Lamborghini’s V-12 engine once accelerated at rates of 62 mph  in three seconds, for the time it’s parked, awaiting repair at an auto shop in London.

Data point to know:  GMT Auto Sales St Louis provides equal opportunity financing for all consumer ratings. Whether it’s an individual with poor credita high credit score or the first time buyer, GMT Auto Sales St Louis never discriminates.

Another car crash that went viral is the one, where a mother unsuccessfully attempted outpace an approaching  train, resulting in a jaw dropping collision. Fortunately, the entire family survived the train wreck.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Florissant, MO 2G1FJ1EJ3A9112693

This 2010 Chevrolet Camaro is not the only used coupe at GMT Auto St. Louis–sporting the machinery to take on a Lamborghini.

GMT Auto Sales St Louis

Meanwhile, the Missouri State Highway Patrol registered more than double the vehicle fatalities over the month of March 2014, year-to-date. Poor road conditions were a contributing factor for some of the fatal car crashes in Missouri.


According to sources at the St. Louis Today, Another accident involving a school bus happened approximately 125 miles northwest of St. Louis. On April 1st, the bus driver loss control of the vehicle, forcing it to roll into a ditch along a two-lane road, near Ewing. Fortunately, there were not any fatalities, however 26 of the 30 students were injured.

In an effort to curtail vehicle mortality rate, more than 90 percent of US states ban texting while driving. While Missouri has a strict ban on underage drivers (under 21), its legislation is not as severe as it is in the neighboring 43 states, where texting and driving is a primary violation.

“If you plan to take a road trip this year, be sure to check the cell phone usage texting and driving regulations for the states you plan to drive.  

And, if you’re shopping for the most wanted vehicles in Missouri, GMT Auto St Louis dealership maintains an inventory of quality previously owned vehicles

Visit Florissant Used Car Dealer And Welcome Spring In The Open Air

Florissant Used Car DealershipThe snow has melted, and we can all start to fantasize about actually opening a window! As the warm weather approaches, maybe you were thinking about trading in your current model.

Drivers in the market for a car, anything from a Chrysler to a Nissan Altima, should visit our Florissant used car dealership – we have everything you need! There has never been a better time to upgrade or trade in. We carry over 600+ used cars, trucks, SUVs, and we can even help you with getting a loan.

Bring In Spring Like A Lion

Although we do offer a ton of brands and models, right now we have a huge selection of Chrysler and Nissan models.

Our current Chrysler inventory will fit within a $10K to $30K budget, and includes models like the 200, 300, PT Cruiser, Sebring and Town & Country. The Chrysler 300 has been a best seller with it’s classic style and powerful engine. Just imagine riding around, windows down and feeling the warm spring air!

Used Nissan Cars FlorissantOur Nissan inventory includes the Maxima and Altima, two of Nissan’s best selling models! The Altima is well known for its great fuel economy, powerful engine and modern features.

With our large inventory of these used cars in Florissant, it’s the best time to get a great deal. As one of the most reputable dealers in the area, we offer great financial services. Many customers are surprised at what a low rate auto loan they can get. Talk with our finance team to find out what they can do for you!

Questions? Contact GMT Auto Sales directly at 314-266-6694. We can take you for a test drive, windows rolled down and all! Don’t miss out on one of the best times of year to go car shopping. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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