Facts on the Most Reliable Used Crossovers Past + Present

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The most reliable used crossovers are on sale at used cars Missouri.

GMT Auto Sales, used cars Missouri provides 10-facts about the most reliable used crossovers.

What is a crossover?

  • A crossover, also known as a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), is a vehicle built on a car platform combining, certain features of a sports utility vehicle. The dawn of the crossover was created out of inspiration to minivans and sports utility vehicles (SUV).
  • Crossovers fall under three general sizes: compact, mid-sized and large. The Porsche Cayenne represents the compact class of CUVs. Mid-sized crossovers like the Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano reign at among the top five most reliable crossovers.

In large styled CUVs, the Toyota Sequoia, Ford Flex, and Chevrolet Traverse uphold popularity among new and used car buyers.

What Are the Most Reliable Used Crossovers?

The most reliable used crossovers number a (more…)

Playing in Traffic – Missouri Motor Vehicle Laws

Do Missouri motorist laws permit texting and driving? When are drivers required to report a car crash in Missouri? What is the legality of a Missouri motor vehicle license revocation? GMT Auto Sales, premier used cars Missouri dealership reviews Missouri driving laws.

used cars Missouri

“Are you aware of Missouri driving laws?” asks a sales consultant of a local used cars Missouri dealershi

Motor vehicle statistics Auto accidents account for the greatest cause of death for children, aged one to 13 years old in the United States.

The state of Missouri observes a few distinctive motor vehicle laws.

Missouri Motor Vehicles: Certain Ages Can’t Text + Drive
When it’s acceptable to text and drive?
It is permissible for any motorist over the age of 21 to text and drive, in Missouri. However, younger drivers (16 to 20 years old) can only talk on a cell phone and drive but not text and drive.

Mandatory Car Crash Reporting in Missouri
When is reporting an accident mandatory in Missouri? Motor vehicle laws in MO require motorists to report a car crash under two-different conditions:

Missouri motorists should always report an auto accident within 365-days, where an unlicensed driver was involved in the car crash; and, when property damage or personal injury medical costs exceed $500.

When Driver’s Licenses Call for Retesting or Revocation

In Missouri, motor vehicle license revocations accompany (more…)

5 Car Buying Considerations of a Savvy Consumer

Money wise consumers know that when it comes to buying a vehicle, used cars generally afford the greatest value. However, five considerations drive the cost of owning an automobile.

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis Reveals How to Calculate a Used Cars’ Value

GMT Auto Sales St Louis provides car shoppers with five vital calculations to determine prior to buying a vehicle.How to gauge car buying costs?

The monthly car note is not the only calculation to measure when buying a car.
Cost estimates by AAA indicate that from fuel economy, auto insurance, and annual maintenance all influence the vehicle ownership budget. Prior to selecting an automobile, check the average auto insurance premiums to determine affordability of insurance coverage.

Review the average fuel economy published by FuelEconomy to gauge your budget. The information is available on the U.S. federally funded website, identifying the estimated annual fuel cost of car produced since 2010.)

Which car to buy?
A savvy auto consumer bases their car buying decision on three factors: (more…)

The Missouri 2015 Round Up

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On any given day, there are 1000s of used cars in Florissant at GMT Auto Sales. dealer

The state of Missouri endured many highs and lows in 2015. What happened in motor vehicle fatalities? Did the 2015 employment scenario improve or falter in Missouri? How did the economy fare in 2015? According to the media releases and statistics provided by the state of Missouri website, a preferred source for used cars in Florissant compiled this 2015 report.

For the fifth consecutive year, Missouri improved roadway fatality rates in 2015.

In the state of Missouri, 814 people were involved in a fatal traffic accident in 2015.

Among the 800-plus individuals implicated in auto accidents, (more…)

Florissant Missouri Used Car Dealer Warns Bargain Shoppers

New and used cars in Missouri are not becoming any cheaper. As the U.S. economy improves, and the Fed increases interest rates; hence, auto loan borrowers will pay more for car financing.

In spite of looming interest rates, bargain shoppers, deal seekers and other car buyers, opting to stretch their dollar for the most value should purchase an automobile, immediately.

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Preview the latest specially reduced prices at Florissant MO used car dealer,

Florissant Missouri used car dealership is hosting an unofficial year’s end, clearance sale event. From crossovers, fuel economy to luxury used cars, most of the inventory of preowned vehicles has been reduced or added to GMT Auto Sales’ special deals.

Used Car Dealership Conducts Certified Inspections

Prior to adding or selling any preowned vehicle, the Florissant MO used car dealership, GMT Auto Sales puts each car through a rigorous 75-point, certified inspection.

“If a car fails our inspection,  cannot buy it if it does not meet our stringent safety standards,”

About the Used Car Prices

At GMT Auto Sales, used car prices (more…)

Tracking the Saint Louis Cardinals

Few Major League Baseball teams have the steadfast following, as seen with Saint Louis Cardinals. And given, the teams fan base, the StLCards keep their fans abreast of the latest Saint Louis Cardinals’ developments.

GMT Auto Sales, a used car dealership in Florissant reviews where to score the latest StLCards  news briefs, tickets announcements and interviews. From a new trade, an injury to the latest Major League Baseball rivalry, here are the best sources to track the St. Louis Cardinals.

Saint Louis Cardinals

Redbird Nation is the  official fan club magazine. The glossy publication provides its annual subscribers with a wealth of deals and special Cardinal’s event-promotions.

Receive the latest details, regarding game day, upcoming events, parking and specially-priced (more…)

Pros + Cons on Car Mobile Apps

Shortly after hackers discovered a software vulnerability in the Jeep Cherokee’s vehicular mobile applications, Fiat Chrysler  issued a recall on more than 1.4 million SUVs in July 2015.  While security breaches have not been issued by any other auto manufacturers (as of November 9), the following brief reviews the good and bad on the top selling automaker’s mobile applications.

Car makers, Subaru, Toyota, and Nissan  have developed proprietary mobile applications for their top selling models (Forester, Outback, Highlander, Sequoia, Pathfinder, Versa, etc.). These mobile car apps accomplish numerous helpful tasks on the go (sync music; coordinate text messages; dictate driving directions, conduct vehicle diagnostics, etcetera).

Subaru equips  all of its models with the proprietary software, StarLink. According to Subaru’s privacy policy, StarLink collects and retains “service-related information, including but not limited to vehicle identification number and description; vehicle maintenance information; mechanical condition or incidents, involving the vehicle including crash severity sensor data; time, location and speed of vehicle at a time of requested service.” [sic}

Prior to buying any new or used car, remember to conduct a road test, evaluating the automobile’s app–as it would used in a normal driving situation.

Toyota’s Entune (™) Premium Audio with Integrated Navigation and App Suite allows Toyota drivers the ability to accept calls, surf the Internet and stream music all while traversing Interstate 55 (with both hands planted on the steering wheel).

“Certain mobile car apps call for a paid subscription. while many free automobile apps maintain a location/travel log for diagnostics, and market research,” shares a knowledgeable sales consultant at GMT Auto Sales.

Entune is compatible with most mobile devices.  With each oil change, Toyota


Data on New + Used Bentley’s for Sale

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Few used cars for sale, exude the luxury of this 2008 Bentley Flying Spur.

used Bentleys for sale

Making 552 horsepower, there’s so much to love in this preowned 2008 Bentley Flying Spur.

MoAmong luxury-class cars, Bentley Motors boasts a high performance automobile. “We recently added a few pre-owned Bentley’s to our inventory,” states the assistant manager of Florissant used car dealership, GMT Auto Sales.

Because some customers are unfamiliar with the luxury brand, here are a few data points to review.

Bentley Motors’ Chronological Highlights

  • Walter Owen (W.O.) Bentley Motors was established in 1919.
  • The first produced Bentley, the EXP drove away from the factory in 1921.
  • The first Bentley was sold for £1,050 in 1921

Number of vehicle models
Bentley Motors currently has six different models in the auto marketplace: Mulsanne Bentayga, EXP 10, Continental,  the Grand Convertible, and the Flying Spur.

Test drive previously owned Bentley Flying Spur(s) at  the preferred used car dealership in Florissant, GMT Auto Sales (while supplies last).

A Top-selling Luxury Car

  • Sources at Bentley Media report that in 2014 Bentley car models accounted for one out of four sales, valued over $150,000.
  • In 2014 Bentley sold 11020 new cars, a 9 percent growth spurt from the previous year.


Ask the Used Car Dealeship’s Mechanic

SDear Mr. Mechanic:
I’ve been shopping for a new automobile for over a month now. I have found that most new cars have some type of recall. And because I am a first time buyer, I am having a tough time securing a car loan.

Now, I am considering a preowned car. Is it riskier for me to buy a used car or a new one?

Stranded in Florissant, MO

SaintLouis auto sales


Buying any new or used car accompanies a modicum of uncertainty. Even though recalls have been plaguing the latest vehicle models, certain used cars for sale are not always the best option. either.

If you’re thinking about (more…)

Used Car Dealership: Hyundai Numbers Reveal the Facts

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis Accounts Hyundai Facts in Numbers

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Hyundai Motors sponsored a bullpen at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

“Even though, we’re featuring dozens and dozens of used Hyundais  for sale, our customers deserve to know the facts about the manufacturer,” admits a manager at GMT Auto Sales St. Louis.

Used car dealership, GMT Auto sales numbers the stats and facts on Hyundai.

Headquartered in South Korea, Hyundais Motors Group joined the automotive industry in 1967.

Hyundai Motor Group sponsors two very different initiatives: recalls and the NFL.

  • To assure quality control and convenience, the automaker sponsors a campaign and web page, for car and buyers to check VIN numbers and coordinate recall repairs.
  • In the realm of professional sports, Hyundai sponsors the NFL.
GMT Auto Sales St. Louis

2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS is available at GMT Auto Sales St. Louis.

Hyundai Motors USA currently produces nine different models in the North American auto industry: Tuscon, (more…)