Used Car Dealership: Hyundai Numbers Reveal the Facts

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis Accounts Hyundai Facts in Numbers

used Hyundai for sale

Hyundai Motors sponsored a bullpen at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

“Even though, we’re featuring dozens and dozens of used Hyundais  for sale, our customers deserve to know the facts about the manufacturer,” admits a manager at GMT Auto Sales St. Louis.

Used car dealership, GMT Auto sales numbers the stats and facts on Hyundai.

Headquartered in South Korea, Hyundais Motors Group joined the automotive industry in 1967.

Hyundai Motor Group sponsors two very different initiatives: recalls and the NFL.

  • To assure quality control and convenience, the automaker sponsors a campaign and web page, for car and buyers to check VIN numbers and coordinate recall repairs.
  • In the realm of professional sports, Hyundai sponsors the NFL.
GMT Auto Sales St. Louis

2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS is available at GMT Auto Sales St. Louis.

Hyundai Motors USA currently produces nine different models in the North American auto industry: Tuscon, (more…)

St. Louis County: Preparing a Car for a Winter Emergency


In observation of 9-11 and National Preparedness Month, (September), is your vehicle prepped to weather a disaster? Do you have supplies on hand to survive five to seven days of being stranded or immobilized due to a natural disaster? Florissant auto dealership reviews how to prepare for a roadside emergency.

Road Travel Safety Resources

Fall and winter around St. Louis County trigger many driving uncertainties and hazards, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggests that El Nina may bring harsher temperatures in St. Louis County this winter.

Uncertain to extreme weather conditions call for a vehicle automobile emergency kit. Hazardous driving conditions are avoidable with proper planning.

Visit or the NOAA to check for any weather forecasts, portending dangerous road conditions.

“Prior to a road trip, motorists should visit (more…)

St. Louis County: The Halloween Report 2015

Halloween 2015 in St. Louis

Halloween events in St. Louis thrill all ages.

With some one-million children and adults in
the St. Louis County area, Halloween remains a huge deal. And with some popular Halloween events, there’s no shortage of
tricks, treats and spooky things to do around town, from pumpkin carvings to Lemp Brewery, here’s a shortlist of Halloween events for all ages.

Mega Halloween Bash

Johnnie Brock’s Dungeon Halloween Bash at St. Louis Ball Park Village comprises four clubs, bars and costume contests for ages 21 and over–sponsored by the most iconic names in St. Louis, Cardinals Nation, Budweiser Brew House, Howl at the Moon and PBR St. Louis. This Halloween event also includes a live performance by St. Louis Party Band Dr. Zhivegas.

Scariest Halloween Events

Dubbed “America’s best haunted houses: (more…)

What Germs + Toxins Lurk in Most Cars

used cars MissouriAirborne contaminants, microbes and other sickly elements abound in both new and preowned vehicles,” shares a sales associateof GMT Auto Sales, a used cars missouri dealership.

4-Sickly Elements Found in Most Cars

Whether it’s road testing a car or ownership, automobiles can be a sickly environment. Regardless of the car make and model, autos are susceptible to chemicals, microbes and allergens.

Chemical Reactions

Some health advisors recommend opening the window for 10-minutes before turning on the air conditioner. The purpose is to release the toxin, Benzene into the atmosphere, commonly found in vehicles.

Benzene is a cancer causing (more…)

Which Used Cars for Sale Commute a Better Driving Experience?

For obvious reasons, not every used car for sale commutes an enjoyable driving experience. Some vehicles exude paltry handling while others lack the agility, traction, and supportive seating for a comfortable ride.

A status symbol is the vehicle choice for some buyers, shopping for the perfect used car for sale. Luxury appeals to the sales executive, road warrior and persnickety commuter, requiring a high end automobile for less.

Specifically, used cars for sale like a preowned 2015 Audi A8 L 3.0 T, Land Rover, Jaguar satisfies this auto buyers taste for luxury.

used cars in Florissant Missouri

Car buyers test drive used cars in Florissant MO like this previously owned 2015 Audi A8 L 3.0T.


Drawbacks: With the advanced engineering of most luxury used cars follows (more…)

A Count of Data Points in St. Louis County, MO


Map Courtesy of St. Louis County,

How well do you know St. Louis County? A preferred source for pre-owned vehicles in Florissant, used cars dealer, GMT Auto Sales compiled the following data points, pertaining to St. Louis County.

1,000,000 In 2014, St. Louis County maintained its claim to the most populous county in Missouri. Statistics, compiled by St. Louis County, shows the population is 1 M (1,000,000).


St. Louis County is 203 years old, as the Missourian county was founded is 1812.

During the month of June 2015, North County precinct reported 365 crime cases, including rape, murder, robbery, burglary, aggravated, assault.

Data and statistics of St. Louis County are an aggregation of its eight precincts: North County, Affton, City of Jennings, Central County, City of Fenton, South County, City of Wildwood, West County.


The sales tax in St. Louis County is 4.25.

Out of the eight different (more…)

How to Shop for the Best Back to School Car?

Back to school used cars

Compare prices on these back to school used cars at Florissant auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing that motor vehicle accidents account for the leading cause in teen deaths, buying a back-to-school car entails seven vital considerations.

7-Vital Parts of a Back-to-School Car

A reputable Florissant auto dealer highlights seven features to shop for in a back-to-school car.


Student drivers necessitate an automobile designed with reliable performance. From the air bags, the engine to the transmission, shop for new and preowned vehicles with safe and reliable performance.

Motor vehicle crash statistic: Compared to any other licensed age group, drivers aged 16 to 24 account for almost one-third of fatal auto accidents in the U.S..

The weight of a new or preowned vehicle (more…)

The Top Used Car Brands for Sale at GMT Auto Sales

Florissant used cars dealership

This preowned Cadillac is among the used car brands for sale at GMT Auto Sales..

Almost a decade ago, Honda, Toyota and Volvo reigned among the top car brands for reliability. Today’s auto market place has seen an expansion of brands.

To some, the German engineering of Mercedes-Benz LINK, BMW and Audi explains why these car brands are renowned for their performance. Falling under the luxury class of vehicles, each German auto manufacturer invents refined, sporty coupes and sedans.

Whether it’s a new or used BMW or Mercedes-Benz, the car brands garner the best in auto technology. Click here to see more

Mercedes Benz at GMT Auto Sales.

Car buying tip:
Auto repair costs are the only caveat of buying (more…)

Itemizing Types of Motor Vehicle Expenses in Missouri

Type of motor vehicle expenses

Budget type of motor vehicle expenses in Missouri.

Owning a motor vehicle accompanies several other financial responsibilities and obligations. Aside from a car note, auto owners should factor four types of motor vehicle expenses in the monthly and annual car ownership budget.

St. Louis Used Cars Dealer Reviews 4-Types of Motor Vehicle Expenses

Operating costs
Automobiles, fueled by gas only, have ongoing operating costs. Based on the current fuel prices, operating costs vary by car type: economy, SUV, crossover, compact, sedan, etcetera. publishes the latest estimated fuel efficiency on every vehicle sold in the U.S. The federally sponsored site features fuel economy on all makes models, city, highway and combined miles per gallon.

“When shopping for a new or preowned vehicle, be sure to compare fuel economy to comparable makes and models,” recommends the manager at St. Louis used cars sales center.

Maintenance Expenses
Maintenance accounts for several motor (more…)

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis News Headlines in North County

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis

Historical news headlines in Florissant MO, by GMT Auto Sales, St. Louis.

What’s happening in Florissant, Missouri? Which top headlines are shifting the auto industry? Are any models being discontinued? GMT Auto Sales St. Louis highlights the top national and local news headlines.

Florissant MO News Headlines

Hillary Clinton Visits Florissant MO

June 23rd, 2015 marked a momentous date in North County, when candidate for the U.S. presidency, Hillary Clinton visited Florissant, MO. Campaigning for several social issues, Mrs. Clinton snapped a few photo ops at the Christ the King United Church of Christ.

Local Road and Trail Closures in Florissant MO

The Sunset Riverfront Trail has pockets of flooding in Florissant. Closures are in effect at the lower portion, as a result. After the flood water recedes, Florissant staff will remove debris to tidy up the trail.

Then, effective July 6, 2015, New Florissant Road and New Halls Ferry Road will be closed for repairs on I-270. For additional road closures, please visit

National Auto News Headlines

Some Mid-sized Car Models Flood Car Rental Industry

The auto rental industry has been buying a glut of small to mid-sized cars. Auto industry analysts attribute the slow down (more…)