Used Car Dealer St. Louis: Best Used Minivans Report

Preowned Chrysler Town & Country Some of the best used minivans are on sale at used car dealer St. Louis, GMT Auto Sales

Minivans, produced by various manufacturers were among the highest selling vehicles in 2014. Chrysler, Dodge, as well as Kia dominated sales in the minivans segment. Easy passenger space and cargo flexibility is why Chrysler mini-vans, Dodge minivans and Kia mini van  remain among the most sought after vehicles.

Best Used Minivans

For the last half decade, Chrysler’s Town and Country continues to top the best minivans list. As the manufacturer considers  retiring certain Chrysler minivan models,  many auto consumers are drawn to the caravan for  three rows of seating, a sliding door, flexible cargo and loads of luxury features.

Like take this  2009 Chrysler Town and Country  (pictured on the left). It is one of the best minivans on the used car dealers St. Louis lot. These features illustrate why:

  • Roof rack
  • 8-way power adjustable drivers seat.
  • Heated passenger seat with an 8-adjustments
  • Rear heated seats – with separate controls
  • Airbags in each row (1,2,4)
  • PowerAudio controls on steering wheel

Chrysler Minivans vs. Dodge Minivan

Needless to say, Chrysler minivans are not the only mini-vans (Caravans) (more…)

What to Know about Cars Leases

For the auto consumer, weighing the possibility of buying or leasing a new car, there are some rudimentary facts to know about auto  leases,” discloses a financing officer at used cars Florissant dealer, GMT Auto Sales.

used car Florissant

Call GMT Auto Sales, a used cars Florissant to determine if you should buy or lease a new car.

Used Cars Florissant Dealer: Buy or Lease a New Car? 

Choose the right auto lease term.
Try to lease a vehicle for three years; or, for as along as the vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s bumper to bumper warranty. This alleviates the off chance of having  to fund  an expensive vehicle repair.  In other words, avoid stretching out an auto lease, as it’s pointless to invest in someone else’s property and risk a hefty car repair.

NEW CAR BUY:  With a used car buy, all repairs are the responsibility of the owner, depending on whether the vehicle warranty is still in effect.

GMT Auto Sales, a used cars Florissant dealership inventories the best selection of quality preowned vehicles and auto leases in Missouri.

Car leasing is tantamount to an extended auto rental. The underlying benefit of an auto lease is (more…)

Auto Buyer Beware of Used Cars For Sale By Owner

auto dealers St. Louis

GMT Auto Dealer St. Louis warns auto buyers of most popular used cars for sale scams

GMT Auto Dealer St. Louis Exposes Sleazy Sales Tactics

Used cars for sale by owner accompany more uncertainties than buying from an auto dealer-St. Louis specializing in preowned vehicles,” attests a sales consultant at GMT Auto dealer St. Louis. Auto buyers are often under the misconception that they have more control of the  sales transaction and negotiations with an owner. But, that’s not always the case. Fraudsters prey on unsuspecting auto buyers.

Four Common ‘For Sale By Owner’ Ploys


Odometer rollback
A savvy for sale by owner can always (more…)

Are These Used Cars Knock-offs of High End Vehicles?

Auto Dealer St. Louis Compares Practical Used Cars to Dream Mobiles

auto dealer St. Louis

Beloved race machines like this 2011 Dodge Charger R/T are on sale at the auto dealer St. Louis, GMT Auto Sales.

There are new and used cars to fantasize about; and there are vehicles  to own. GMT Auto Sales, a preferred auto dealer of St. Louis identifies why high engine powered automobiles are not as desirable as regular used cars.

In the film, Fast and Furious a 1970 Dodge Charger epitomizes the American race car. But the average  new or used auto buyer doesn’t have the wherewithal to maintain such a high octane automobile. And since the current inventory of iconic muscle machines don’t necessarily arrive ready roll,  this preowned 2011 Dodge Charger RT redux is the much smarter buy.

Watch this chase  scene. involving a Dodge Charger>

From performance to the used car price, most St. Louis households find  (more…)

Demystifying Dual Zone Climate Control Systems

Used Cars Florissant Dealer Explains How Dual Zone Climate Control Systems Work

Dual zone climate control air conditioning.

Used cars Florissant dealer explains how dual zone climate control works.

Many of our used car inventory includes “”dual-zone climate control.” These comfort systems used to be only available on  luxury vehicles,” explains a salesman at GMT Auto Sales, a popular used cars Florissant dealership.

How does dual climate control work?

Dual zone climate control refers to a pair of separate cooling and heating  control system settings for the driver and one front seat passenger. The temperature and fan can be customized to suit each zone or occupant’s temperature preferences.

How to use the dehumidifier or defroster on a dual zone climate control system?

When the defogger is turned on, a dual climate control system automatically switches on the air conditioner to release moisture from the windshield. The system conditioning unit dehumidifies with dry air.

VEHICLE FACTOID: On Audi, Lexus and BMW, dual zone climate control systems are generally a standard feature. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) does not mandate dual climate control systems.

Demystifying how windows fog up?

In an enclosed vehicle, any type of (more…)

GMT Auto Sales Turns Cyber Monday Into Month Long Event

Used Cars Missouri Dealer Celebrates End of Year with Web  Specials

Used cars Missouri

Used  Ford Mustangs and other preowned specials revs great buys at top dealer for used cars Missouri. Click photo to compare used car prices at GMT Auto Sales.

One used cars Missouri dealership is defying Cyber Monday, offering new deals on its website,
early and for the entire month of December.
“We’re actively buying quality preowned vehicles for our 2015 inventory. It’s one of the reasons, we decided to extend our Cyber Monday event into a month long event,” shares an auto specialist employed at GMT Auto Sales.

Preowned vehicle prices are segmented into three categories: regular used car prices, Internet prices and special prices on the GMT Auto Sales, used cars Missouri dealer’s website.

We’re rewarding our  (more…)

Five Winter Driving Tips to Behold

St. Louis Auto Car Sales  Dealer Offers Safety Driving Tips

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration

Artwork Courtesy of the NHTSA

Winter driving oftentimes poses a hazardous expedition for motorists, unfamiliar with navigating slick, icy roads. A popular St. Louis auto car sales dealer recommends five basic winter driving tips to observe.

Regardless of what time of year it is, it’s always a good idea to check weather reports and construction updates to plan travel accordingly, deferring travel until there’s a reprieve in any winter weather advisories.

Winter Driving Tip #1: Proper tire management
Tires influence traction, braking and overall road performance on unruly pavement. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends checking tires at least (more…)

Where to See, Road Test and Buy Used Cars Missouri?

buy used cars Missouri.

GMT Auto Sales happens to be the best dealer to buy used cars Missouri.

Preowned crossovers with oodles of style, ample space and decent fuel mileage are prevalent at GMT Auto Sales. Consumers, ready to buy used cars Missouri, consider the dealership’s inventory and auto financing incomparable to other Midwest dealers.

Used Dodge Durango for Sale

Three rows of seating, decent cargo space and respectable power afford a family friendly vessel.
On this used Dodge Durango for sale, a five speed automatic transmission complements its 290 hp 3.6 liter V-6 engine.

A family of five, including the pet, spreads out in this used Dodge Durango for sale with adequate personal space.

Using regular unleaded gasoline, the 2013 Dodge Durango touts 23 miles to the gallon on the highway.

During the test-drive of this used Dodge Durango for sale, make note of the leg space and how the crossover harnesses its traction control and power,” advises a sales consultant at the popular dealership to buy used cars Missouri.

Another feasible buy for used cars Missouri at GMT Auto Sales is the 2013 Hyundai (more…)

Florissant MO Popular Places to Shop on Highway 67

used cars in Florissant

GMT Auto Sales symbolizes quality used cars in Florissant.

6-Shops and Stops in Florissant MO

Highway 67 comprises a major artery through Florissant MO. From dining, shopping to a dealership–selling used cars in Florissant, six popular places reside along highway 67.

Food, Produce, Banking + More
In Florissant, Dierberg’s represent a household name among  residents. From  a full deli, florist, pharmacy, bank, and produce the popular source for food and whatever all available under one roof. (Open seven days a week. |

Dierbergs |222 North Highway 67 | Florissant , MO 63031 |

Fuel + Air
Centrally located, near restaurants and dealerships, selling (more…)

Used Cars in Florissant Dealer Previews New Arrivals

used cars in Florissant

New arrivals on preowned cars inundate the leading source for used cars in Florissant.

New, preowned auto arrivals are an everyday happenstance at GMT Auto Sales, a dealership selling quality used cars in Florissant. “Sometimes, our marketing department doesn’t have the time to photograph the new inventory’s interior and exterior. So, some of our new arrivals are presented with an image of a blanketed image as well the vehicle’s history, features and specifications,” discloses an individual familiar with the dealer’s marketing process.

Even though the used cars in Florissant  dealer is selective in the preowned vehicles it buys, the dealership is renowned  for offering sellers a good deal. A mini preview of GMT Auto Sales’s inventory illustrates quality used cars with moderate mileage.

Florissant MO used car

2009 Lexus LS 460 on sale that GMT Auto Sales, a leading Florissant MO used car dealer.

The luxurious cruiser.
As one would anticipate, the Lexus LS 460 (more…)