The Top Used Car Brands for Sale at GMT Auto Sales

Florissant used cars dealership

This preowned Cadillac is among the used car brands for sale at GMT Auto Sales..

Almost a decade ago, Honda, Toyota and Volvo reigned among the top car brands for reliability. Today’s auto market place has seen an expansion of brands.

To some, the German engineering of Mercedes-Benz LINK, BMW and Audi explains why these car brands are renowned for their performance. Falling under the luxury class of vehicles, each German auto manufacturer invents refined, sporty coupes and sedans.

Whether it’s a new or used BMW or Mercedes-Benz, the car brands garner the best in auto technology. Click here to see more

Mercedes Benz at GMT Auto Sales.

Car buying tip:
Auto repair costs are the only caveat of buying (more…)

Itemizing Types of Motor Vehicle Expenses in Missouri

Type of motor vehicle expenses

Budget type of motor vehicle expenses in Missouri.

Owning a motor vehicle accompanies several other financial responsibilities and obligations. Aside from a car note, auto owners should factor four types of motor vehicle expenses in the monthly and annual car ownership budget.

St. Louis Used Cars Dealer Reviews 4-Types of Motor Vehicle Expenses

Operating costs
Automobiles, fueled by gas only, have ongoing operating costs. Based on the current fuel prices, operating costs vary by car type: economy, SUV, crossover, compact, sedan, etcetera. publishes the latest estimated fuel efficiency on every vehicle sold in the U.S. The federally sponsored site features fuel economy on all makes models, city, highway and combined miles per gallon.

“When shopping for a new or preowned vehicle, be sure to compare fuel economy to comparable makes and models,” recommends the manager at St. Louis used cars sales center.

Maintenance Expenses
Maintenance accounts for several motor (more…)

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis News Headlines in North County

GMT Auto Sales St. Louis

Historical news headlines in Florissant MO, by GMT Auto Sales, St. Louis.

What’s happening in Florissant, Missouri? Which top headlines are shifting the auto industry? Are any models being discontinued? GMT Auto Sales St. Louis highlights the top national and local news headlines.

Florissant MO News Headlines

Hillary Clinton Visits Florissant MO

June 23rd, 2015 marked a momentous date in North County, when candidate for the U.S. presidency, Hillary Clinton visited Florissant, MO. Campaigning for several social issues, Mrs. Clinton snapped a few photo ops at the Christ the King United Church of Christ.

Local Road and Trail Closures in Florissant MO

The Sunset Riverfront Trail has pockets of flooding in Florissant. Closures are in effect at the lower portion, as a result. After the flood water recedes, Florissant staff will remove debris to tidy up the trail.

Then, effective July 6, 2015, New Florissant Road and New Halls Ferry Road will be closed for repairs on I-270. For additional road closures, please visit

National Auto News Headlines

Some Mid-sized Car Models Flood Car Rental Industry

The auto rental industry has been buying a glut of small to mid-sized cars. Auto industry analysts attribute the slow down (more…)

Florissant Auto Dealer Reveals its History + Used Car Policies

Florissant dealer

Florissant auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales offers hassle free road tests.

When evaluating an auto dealership, the company’s history and policies prove insightful.  Florissant auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales reveals 10-details regarding its history, preowned vehicle inventory and auto loan policies.

What is your auto dealership’s experience selling preowned vehicles?
For more than 15 years, we have been selling new and used cars in Florissant to residents and out of town auto shoppers.

How do you choose your inventory?
We select our inventory, using a combination of research, industry affiliations and auto mechanic excellence. Our dealership maintains a high vehicle turnover rate, because we buy preowned automobiles with the greatest consumer demand and quality engineering. Every preowned car we buy has a clean title and includes a vehicle history report by

On any given weekday…
“On any given week day, a flurry of activity happens at our auto dealer in Florissant. Primarily, GMT Auto Sales has at least 700 preowned vehicles to choose from. — any given day. All preowned vehicles have to pass a 65 point inspection. We’re adding new arrivals in our showroom and putting certain inventory on a special clearance,” acknowledges the Florissant auto dealer’s general manager

Auto sales turn ons:
“It’s hard to describe the (more…)

Keep the Kids Busy with Fun Summer Programs

As youth children  violence simmers across the nation, a car dealer in Florissant, Missouri is encouraging parents, guardians and children to get involved with the community. “Kids are the future of our community. So we’re dedicating a blog post to the local youth programs in Florissant, Hazelwood and Ballwin.

Florissant Used Car Dealer Endorses Youth Programs + Community Involvement

Summer programs abound in Hazelwood, Ferguson, and Florissant. Activities vary from reading, playing a sports to getting in shape with Zumba.

Hazelwood Summer Programs for Kids

Summer Youth summer programs abound in Hazelwood. A Cross Fit class promotes wellness among youth in Hazelwood. The summer program allows d time away from mobile devices and video games, giving adolescents a place to channel confidence and extra energy. Classes start in July.

Reading Earns Credits Toward Recreational Fun In Hazelwood

Is it really possible to read 300 minutes by July 9th? The City of Hazelwood (more…)

Where to Plot a Picnic in St. Louis County?

St. Louis picnic

“If you’re looking for free things to do in StL with the family or friends, here’s  a few ideas,” offers a spokesperson at a popular Missouri used car dealer.

St. Louis County Edible Events to Plan a Picnic

On the first Friday of the month, Tower Grove Park morphs into a foodie’s feeding frenzy of sorts, when local food trucks vend their best vittles. The Annual Sauce Magazine hosts its 5th year of Food Truck Fridays. This St. Louis picnic happens monthly at the Tower Grove Park. For additional details please visit:

St. Louis County Park lures locale and visitors a legitimate reason to picnic at Laumeier Sculpture Park. St. Louis County Park presents St. Louis Food Truck Association’s finest vendors on the first Friday of June, August and September. This free event, sponsored by Feast Magazine also includes the entertainment: the Steve Ewing Duo.

A Great Picnic Site in St. Louis County

With dozens upon dozens of parks, amphitheaters and recreational centers, there seems to be an extended list of places to plan a picnic in St. Louis County each summer.

Whoever said recreation was incongruent with St. Louis County architecture never visited the Tower Grove Park. The St. Louis park was donated to the city in 1868 by Henry Shaw. The 289 acre park depicts beautifully landscaped grounds, 11 beautiful pavilions, sculptures, and architecture. The St. Louis Park is also makes a great site to plan a reunion, host a treasure hunt or enjoy an intimate picnic.

Things to do: Biking, tennis, soccer, Frisbee, jogging and walking the dog, and kickball are popular activity at the St. Louis park, Tower Grove Park.

Free Concert Picnics in St. Louis

A free picnic or evening out for the family is made possible by Mid America Chevy Dealers. Jungle Boogie Friday Night Concert Series happens from May 22-August 28 5-8 p.m at the St. Louis Zoo. (StLZoo).

Tote a blanket or lawn chair on whichever Friday night you plan to attend.  Plus with the StLZoo’s extended (more…)

Test Your Car Buying Knowledge

 GMT Auto Sales St. Louis challenges you to its test.

Think you know the art to buying quality used cars. GMT Auto Sales St. Louis challenges you to its test.

How much do you know about buying a new or used car?  GMT Auto Sales St. Louis challenges you test your car buying intelligence, with this short quiz.

Select the answer according to true and false multiple choices.

1) When it comes to buying a car, consumers should refer to:
A) The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration,
B) The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS)(LINK)
D) All of the above

2) Any vehicle with a recall is not worth buying.
A) True
B) False

3) Ideally, you should test test drive a car for ________.
A) Two-hours
B) 45-minutes
C) Half an hour
D) As long you feel comfortable.

4) Tires information is not included in the vehicle history report.
A) True
B) False

5) In the state of Missouri, it is illegal for a dealership to sell automobiles with ________.
A) More than two previous owners.
B) More than 30,000 miles
C) Salvaged parts.
D) All of the above.

6) Prior to shopping for a new or used car, one should calculate:
A) Fuel costs.
B) Insurance cost.
C) Maintenance.
D) All of the above.

6) (D) Car buyers should calculate insurance, maintenance and fuel costs before finalizing any transaction.

7) Buyback car guarantees are
A) Great policies for protecting a used car buy
B) A waste of money
C) Available on new car buys only.
D) Unethical policies.

8) According to Banks, and lending institutions, a borrowers monthly car note should not exceed ________.
A) Half of your monthly income.
B) A quarter of your monthly income.
C) A third of your monthly income and
D) A tenth of the take home pay.

9) When shopping for a preowned vehicle, it’s good to take several months to shop for the best deal on the car and financing.
A) True
B) False

10) Auto buyers with a poor credit score can never qualify for a car loan
A) True
B) False

See answers on next page

Car Buying Answers


Securing the Best Value on Your Auto Trade In


Value your trade in, fast–by clicking the photo.

So you’re car note is paid off; and you’re considering an upgrade. “Five easy steps enhance the trade in value car buying experience when you don’t have a lot of time,”  disclosed  an auto specialist at St. louis auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales.

St. Louis Auto Dealer:  Top Trade In Secrets

Check the going used car price.

Stop by the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) website to determine the asking price for a car of your quality.

Conduct auto sales research.

Does your car have an unresolved recall? If it does, don’t expect to set your asking price too high. Also, check out the local competition. Are there a lot of used car dealerships and private sellers offering similar vehicles?  Note more supply, and small demand could reduce the value of the trade in.

Assess your trade in.

Next, if your car is well below the annual mileage; (more…)

Florissant MO: Top Consumer Auto Resources

Where to go in Florissant MO for a car repair? Which Florissant auto dealer showcases the best preowned vehicle inventory? Which company offers great roadside assistance? Review these five auto related companies, based in Florissant Missouri.

Florissant auto dealers

Bookmark these car related resources in Florissant.

Top Car Related Companies in Florissant

Finding a service provider to repair the car, an auto insurance agency or an upstanding Florissant auto dealer is not easy for the average Florissant resident. Like many other cities of St. Louis County, there’s no shortage of auto companies to do business with. GMT Auto Sales a Florissant dealership renowned for quality preowned cars reviews a few of the leading names in consumer auto products and services of Florissant, MO.

Florissant Auto Repair Shop

In Florissant MO, few car repair shops offer auto maintenance, vehicle inspections, diagnostic service and performance upgrades under one roof. StLPremier Auto Repair stands out among the other Florissant auto repair shops.

For half a decade, local and out of town customers have been relying on the Florissant auto repair shop to for parts replacements, inspections and even detailing. Garage doors open at 7 AM, Monday through Friday. Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), the Florissant auto repair shop extends its hours to 7 p.m. StL Premier Auto Repair is also open on Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please dial 314-830-1337 to schedule an appointment.

Tire Stores in Florissant (St. Louis County)

Goodyear Tires, spans some 117- years. Around Florissant, there are currently 7-authorized Goodyear tire distributors, in St. Louis County.  Dobbs Tires and Autotire Car Care Centers are popular tire shops in Florissant MO.

Many of the used cars for sale at GMT Auto Sales have Goodyear Tires.

Auto Insurance Florissant Missouri

Local reviews in Florissant MO suggest that (more…)

Used Dodge Chargers for Sale in Numbers

St. Loui Auto Dealer

Available at St. Louis auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales, the used Dodge Charger for sale is priced around $21 9 K.

What’s the going price for a used Dodge Charger? Are any used Dodge Chargers for sale under $20 K? How many passengers does a Dodge Charger accommodate?  St. Louis auto dealer, GMT Auto Sales  highlights facts and data pertaining to used Dodge Chargers for sale.

St. Louis Auto Dealer Reveals Data on Used Dodge Chargers

Two hundred and ninety two horsepower is impressive for a 3.6 liter V6 DOHC engine to manage. On the featured 2014 Dodge Charger SE, rear wheel drive, a transmission hill holder and other driving enforcements  harness the the used sedans 292-horsepower.

What Comforts Lie Before the Driver’s Seat?

A front video monitor, dual air conditioning and cruise control accommodate comfort, climate and convenience.

Factoid: When it cones to buying affordably prices  Dodge Chargers, St. Louis auto dealer,  GMT Auto Sales has dozens and dozens of used Dodge Chargers for sale with hassle free financing.

The used Dodge Chargers for sale at St. Louis auto dealer are generally available with V-8 engines, all wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

Used Dodge Charger for sale

For a used Dodge Charger for sale with pure muscle, 23 mpg to is remarkable.

Starting from $16,495 (more…)